– Gratka’s jewellery –


For me It’s a kind of return to the roots. Long before I’ve get the idea of Gratka, cold winter evenings I use to fill time producing handmade jewellery created using halfproducts purchased in hobby shop.

For many, many years I was looking for the key-element that defined finally my own and unique style, plus emphasized the passion for unusual things marked by history.

During last summer on countless markets and bazaars I gathered thousands of beautiful metal and wooden elements that most of you certainly would call old crap.


These are mostly pieces of furniture fittings and signboards, buttons, old coins and other trinkets, kept at home for some reason, or found in scrap iron collection points.

As most of you know Winter is coming, days become bleak and short. Lower temperatures and the lack of light usually do not conducive of work with furniture.

This time of year I’m getting a compulsion to creation and I definitely need an alternative but still creative activities.

And this is how I get an idea of Gratka’s jewellery.

photo by: Weronika Walas Fotografia make up: Marta Juszczak MJ Manicure

For me It’s more than a decorative trinket. It’s a piece of history and something impossible to duplicate.

Use the jewellery with history tab to see the gorgeous photo session with our collection.


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