– A herd of chairs –


It was my biggest challenge! Why?

First of all the whole point of Gratka is to create unique things, and yet in my hands falls a couple of chairs.

Chairs as we know, usually occur in sets of identical pieces.
Second of all, those chairs were a cause of the my first furniture injury.

Let me tell you the whole story …

… In the depths of Łazarz district, in the forgotten attic, a couple of Art Nouveau wooden chairs has survived.


Dark green upholstery hide another two layers of fabric and fillings of coconut.


Fortunately, beneath the dust of time I found a good preserved wooden seat …


… and thousands of old rusty nails, which had to be removed by hand (work for 2 hours for each piece of chair).



Nail holes need to be filled.


Next step was the real magic using secret ingredients …



– Knob on the front (inspired by famous pottery from Bolesławiec)

– Knob on the back

– Beautiful hand-sewn pillows

All those efforts leads us to the unique effect for each of the chairs in gratka’s herd.




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