# When you start to live on your own

stół fin

When you start to live alone, your fist and probably the biggest challenge is the organization. Walls, floors all that space ready to be worked on, how to make it all nice and cosy vs. supplies and funds you have.

I absolutely adore “first apartments”. They are usually sets of memories and first tryes that will forever haunt you, wherever life will take you later on. Some things are brought from the family houses, some boght for small savings, some found in your grandma’s basement but most of all? Hot fixes! “That will do. For now. Until next pay day….”

Some of you, every year or every new apartment or house are replacing old with new. Others, like me stay stubborn lost in the love of bringing life back to the old.

“I know it’s broken. So what!? Little paint, few nails and it will look brand new!

If you ever try it you know that it’s neverending finding, fixing, changing, renewing need nesting into your mind like addiction.

The collection of temporary hotfixes is getting larger and larger. After a while we fall in love with our  surroundings and it’s rather difficult to change the way we started to live.

It’s like a piece of your heart become an undetachable part of that specific piece.

My private collection is rather impressive as for 50 square meters.

First of all let me introduce you to my dining room/ home office.

stół fin 2

Chairs came from my old workplace – exhibition company.

Lamp (IKEA!) cool design and affordable price – stole my heart, what can I say…

Table came from allegro.pl. Seller bought it for his mother in law. Fixed it, removed old layers of paint with pedantic precision. Unfortunately this work of home art have not been accepted by the recipient.

‚That’s the fate of gifts from son in law” he said once I went good couple of kilometers to pick it up.’

Apart from additional top which allows you to have BIG breakfast or seat all of your dinner guests it has also small drawer perfect  hiding space for napkins or silverware. Seller have asked me for photos of finished table.

Mr Son in Law! Here it is!

Because of the hard work perfection, and heart you have put into it I have changed nothing as I think that would be the ultimate crime.

My ginger cat of the unforgettable name Cheddar is stunned as you can see on the above picture.




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