# Confessional with the nazi


Sometimes furniture restoration is very much alike archeology. Do you remember the movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade? No? Well you sure remember the main soundtrack of the stunning doctor Jones adventures. It is perfect melody to play especially when you make a discovery, like mine.

I have bought this closet from my neighbours. Very old, nearly destroyed, completely black and full of stuff that has been building up inside for years.

I’ve figured that this is perfect occasion! Well..almost.

Once I’ve got it I had to store it in my own basement and let it wait for better times and bigger home of mine.

After a while I have moved to my current flat and have decided that it’s time to bring this piece to life. My brother call it confessional – no, I don’t know why, but somehow it fits.

First surprise? The color!

Under the layers of black, oily dust there was hidden beautiful polish finish. That was one of those moments when on account of sudden discovery you are changing your mind and direction, so that your project fits the natural spirit of the piece. I have put prepared paint aside and announced with a victorious scream:


Another step? Let’s clean the inside. Neverending pile of dirty papers, old newspapers, electric parts, and thousands of small objects which I didn’t even know what they are…

While going through the papers page by page I have came across this…

Poznań - okupacja - awersPoznań - okupacja - rewers

Building of Poznan and the most recognizable tourist spots with the nazi flags – postcards from the occupation times.

It’s time to put on John Williams theme

What’s the actual story behind those images? Who were the previous owners?

Today it is a part of my apartments furnishing, and the most told story of all time.

Maybe one day gain the new decors and some stained glass?

Work with old furniture is a never ending process of renovation, that brings joy, satisfaction and thrill every time a discovery like this one is made.




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